Our Academy

Our academy has its headquarters in Jyväskylä (Finland) in the modern and prestigious PadelAdder club. Here it is where our daily activity as coaches takes place and where we train more than 100 players weekly.

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Our Clinics

Players, coaches and clubs should have access to the most up to date knowledge. We travel all around the world sharing all we know about padel with you.

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Coaching Courses

With our Coaching courses we provide to every coach and club interested the best knowledge possible so that they can start running their own padel trainings or academy.

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Private Events

The most special events for your company and family with our Spanish coaches.

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Why FinspadelAkatemia

Over 20 years of padel

Experience: playing, competing and coaching

Up to date:

Coaches undergo a continuous learning process

Quality over quantity:

We offer tailor made programs with the best possible quality

Guarantee os satisfaction:

We will refund the value of our service if you are no satisfied


Experience in padel, physical science, enginnering and education

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