Because of randomness (or maybe not), the destiny brought together Nacho, Janne and Martí to Jyväskylä, Finland.

In 2021, In the middle of the padel boom, while Nacho was in Finland spending a paternity leave, he realized he had many things to say in a country that padel was growing from a very basic level.

There was a clear need of understanding the fundamentals of padel, proper methodologies, train coaches and provide high quality materials… and he was willing to help. With the support of Janne, Finspadel was born, and Nacho left his life in Spain to move to Finland permanently.

One day, Nacho received a message from a guy called Martí who was moving to Finland to complete his studies. They fell in love immediately. Nacho and Martí started working together hand by hand while Martí studied the last courses of his degree. In summer 2022 Martí decided to leave Barcelona to join Finspadel Akatemia and move to Finland permanently.

What is coming in the future is very promising and totally uncertain…but we are ready for it.




Nacho is an industrial engineer and padel coach. He started playing padel at the age of 10 and hasn´t stop playing, competing and coaching since.

Nacho has coached for more than 15 years in Spain and Finland. In Spain, he has competed in the first category (Madrid and Málaga) for more than 8 years. Within his best achievement he was proclaimed sub-champion of Spain (team competition), won 4 times the “series Nacionales padel” in Málaga and Madrid and has been proclaimed the best player of “series Nacionales padel” in Malaga.

Nacho has been partner of Juan Lebron (world number one) winning several tournaments. He has trained and competed with some of the best players in the world such as a Ale Galan, Uri Botello and the twins Sanchez Alayeto.

Nacho has led a team to create the largest academy structure in Finland for a company with more than 15 clubs. He has designed the products for the academies, created the materials for the different coaches and trained them to become professionals of padel education.

Nacho aims to contributing to the development of padel in Finland and the elsewhere in the world.



Javier Sánchez

Niklas Lehikoinen

Miro Korhonen


Finspadel was born to support Finnish padel development by offering superior training methodologies combining complex system approach and Spanish padel know-how. In addition to technical and tactical sides of padel, all coaching follows the psychological and philosophical aspects of Spanish padel, cherishing and spreading the true essence of it.


We aim to be the reference point of padel to help all clubs, coaches and players looking for a high-quality padel training.


Honesty, passion, respect and cooperation are our core values which we pass on to all our students.


We only offer services we truly believe in. We are honest with ourselves and with our clients.


We want to see respect being the fundamental piece of the growth of Finnish padel.


To grow padel worldwide, we need to cooperate. In a broader picture this has made us go far as a human beings.


We love padel. Our passion for padel is our main engine to wake up everyday and go to do what we like the most.


We don’t believe in methodologies, we believe in tailor-made approaches