Our academy has its headquarters in Jyväskylä (Finland) in the modern and prestigious Padel Adder club. Here it is where our daily activity as coaches takes place and where we train more than 100 players weekly (Adults and juniors).

All our coaches follow a common methodology based on complex adaptive systems. The players is the main focus of our academy, and the coach is a guider who helps them find the way to reach his maximum performance as a person and as a player.

Currently, most of our players compete at local and national level. Several players training in Finspadel Akatemia are competing at the top national level.

Thanks to the geolocation of Jyväskylä, we organize many of our clinics and national trainings at our headquarters since it allows those interested to come easily from any location in the country.

Need Help 

Would you like to train in our Academy in Jyväskylä? Please let us know what are you looking for and we will find a proper training for you